Marriage Prep

An Overachievers Guide to Matrimony


Learn the art and science of happily ever after.

Premarital Counseling

Learn the fundamentals of cultivating a deep and satisfying marriage

In Marriage Prep, an overachievers guide to matrimony  Dr. Montgomery leads couples through essential topics in marriage.  Each topic has an exercise or challenge to complete.  You will learn about evidence-based relationship skills and practice how to implement them with your partner.  Dr. Montgomery tailors premarital counseling to each couples specific needs and goals.  Below are the topics typically covered.  

Photo by  Artsy Vibes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

What do you want your marriage to look like?

Telling Our Story:  Learning how to tell your story and why it matters.

My Story Before Our Story: How have your past experiences shaped you and your relationships?

What am I really promising when I say I do? Vows and expectations and how they impact relationship satisfaction and happiness.

Deepening, Sharing, Building


Fight the Good Fight: How to fight fair, reach resolutions, and feel closer after conflict.

Let's be Soulmates:  How to have that deep connection and keep it going over the long haul.  Develop and maintain emotional intelligence, become stronger in weathering life's hardships.

Money Matters:  What is the underlying meaning and significance of money and how to talk about it.


Photo by  Poul Edward Erni  on  Unsplash

Rising to the Challenges Together

We vs. Me :  Where are the lines between me and you, and us and others? How to work together as a team and support individual growth.

Family Life/Spirituality/Culture: My Family, Your Family, Our Family. Kids: Will we? Can we? How will we ?

Behind the Bedroom Door:  How to bravely and compassionately talk about sex and prepare for the inevitable changes to your sex life over time. Develop and maintain sexual intelligence.